Safe-Spiral DUO is designed for marking of different types of hoses and / or to catch attention to a certain object. It can also help your company or your end customer to build brand awareness with company colours.


Safe-Spiral DUO is not a stock item but produced after order.

Safe-Spiral DUO Features

  • Two-colour version of Safe-Spiral
  • Produced by double extrusion
  • Protect hydraulic and pneumatic hoses against abrasion, shocks and general
    wearing and therefore prolongs the life of your hoses
  • Tolerate both frost and heat
  • Resistant to acids, oils and solvents
  • Contain antistatic additive
  • Easy to install

Available sizes

Available in outer diameters from 20mm to 75mm.

Available colours

You can pair any colour with black (MOQ 600m per colour combination).

Recommended temperature range

From -50°C up to +80°C (continuous) and +100°C (shortly).


Spiral measurem
Nominal outer / inner diameter mmRecommended usage range
Hose diameter
Safeplast article no.
for black with yellow stripe
Roll lengthWeight average
kg / m
W mm
P mm
20 / 16.016 – 22 DUO020R25MK25m0.092.020
25 / 20.620 – 27DUO025R25MK25m0.152.221
32 / 27.027 – 36DUO032R25MK25m0.192.522
40 / 34.634 – 44DUO040R25MK25m0.302.724
50 / 43.243 – 55DUO050R25MK25m0.403.430
63 / 55.655 – 67DUO063R25MK25m0.653.727
75 / 66.266 – 80DUO075R20MK20m0.734.442