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Safe-Sleeve MSHA

Easy-to-install, textile SAFE-SLEEVE with MSHA-acceptance is produced from polyester which is recyclable material.

In addition to hoses, SAFE-SLEEVE MSHA protects people near-by a breaking hose and meets the requirements of standards EN 12999 and EN ISO 3457.
These demands are explained under the standard Safe-Sleeve.

The recommended temperature range is from -40°C to +120°C.
SAFE-SLEEVE MSHA is UV-resistant and has low conductivity of electricity. Abrasion resistance of SAFE-SLEEVE MSHA is also good.

Test reports are available on request.

As a guideline we suggest that the Safe-Sleeve is a few millimetres larger than the hose. Please see our recommendations.

Colour black with white printing.
Own printing possible – ask for details.

50m / roll.

Aluminium rings for attaching the Safe-Sleeve on the hose also available.

Product code
Inner diameter (mm)
(tolerance +/- 0,5mm)
Flat (mm)
MSHA-RD17M 17 30
MSHA-RD23M 23 40
MSHA-RD27M 27 45
MSHA-RD30M 30 50
MSHA-RD36M 36 60
MSHA-RD39M 39 65
MSHA-RD46M 46 75
MSHA-RD55M 55 90
MSHA-RD62M 62 100
MSHA-RD78M 78 125
MSHA-RD109M 109 175
MSHA-RD125M 125 200