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SAFE-STRIP bundling straps are convenient for multi-hose bundles and can be used over and over again. There are three different types of Safe-Strips:

Safe-Strips with or without a mounting eyelet are produced from polypropylene and have Velcro® -brand fasteners. Breaking strength is average 1500 N. The buckle is stainless steel and the width of the band is 40 mm.  Safe-Strip text is woven with white yarn.

Safe-Strip, standard
Product code           Length            Bundel max
ST-RD70                  310mm                        70mm
ST-RD100                435mm                      100mm
ST-RD125                 505mm                      125mm
ST-RD155                 605mm                      155mm
ST-RD180                680mm                      180mm

Safe-Strip with mounting eyelet
Product code       Length                    Bundel max
ST-RDR70                340mm                      70mm
ST-RDR100             455mm                      100mm
ST-RDR125              540mm                     125mm
ST-RDR155              660mm                     155mm
ST-RDR180             765mm                      180mm

Sales unit for the above mentioned Safe-Strips is 10 pcs/ size.

Third type of Safe-Strip is equipped with a quick-release buckle. The width of the band is 25 mm and it is also woven with a Safe-Strip text. Our strap has a taper cut edge for easy threading into buckle and a loop to hold the band end.

Safe-Strip with buckle
Product code         Length       
ST-FLL50                   500mm
ST-FLL100                 1000mm
ST-FLL150                 1500mm

Sales unit for these Safe-Strips is 25 pcs/ size.


Safeplast Binding Straps

Safeplast has a range of Binding Straps which can be used for many different kind of purposes, for example for bundling of hydraulic hoses or electrical cables together.
You can handle long and heavy hose bundles easier by strapping them before mounting spiral on the bundle. Safeplast Binding Straps are made of very durable woven polyester (PES).
All the straps have adjustment holes (except the smallest size, which is meant for bundling of electric cables).
Tensile strength is 3000 – 4200N.

There is a tool available for tightening of the straps.


Article no. Length Width Thickness Material Buckle Package size
ST-UR250 250mm 9mm 1.4mm polyester spike 100 pcs
ST-UR400 400mm 20mm 1.8mm polyester spike 50 pcs
ST-UR600 600mm 20mm 1.8mm polyester spike 50 pcs
ST-UR800 800mm 20mm 1.8mm polyester spike 50 pcs



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