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Company information

Safeplast Oy was founded and is based in Finland and is part of SNT-Group Oy whose major business activity since 1948 has been the production of accessories and services to various branches of industry.

We also have production and sales facilities in Essex, Canada (Safeplast NA 2010) and a sales office with a local warehouse in China: Safeplast Shanghai Ltd.

We specialize in producing high-quality plastic spirals and textile products for various hose and other protection purposes. The products are designed to meet the requirements of machine and equipment manufacturers.

Safeplast Oy have certified ISO 9001:2008 quality and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems.



Safe-Spirals are manufactured exclusively from a high-grade polyethylene plastic. Our spirals are manufactured by extrusion: by direct compression of the raw material which allow the products to have rounded edges and a very durable construction. Continuous product development ensures the high and competitive quality of Safeplast protective spiral products.

Our Safe-Spiral has an NCAGE no. in the Nato Codification System.

Safeplast Oy customers include hydraulics retailers and world’s leading machine manufacturers. Forest, agriculture and mining machine manufacturers have been pioneers in using Safeplast spirals. Spirals can be used to protect all types of hoses and cables, such as air plane ground current cables, tractors, excavators, forklifts and all construction machines, big or small.